History of Jump Sound.

Jump Sound (formally Juede Sound Productions) was established in 2002 after the completion of an Audio Production Diploma at Box Hill School of Music.  Always having a deep passion for Music and Audio recording and production for my entire life I wanted to try my hand at the real thing after a successful career in IT and project management… To follow the Dream as they say. 

Since 2002, Jump Sound has become a dream realized with many commercial quality CD recorded, mixed and mastered in many different genres , many live theatre productions more than 400 live events at many different venues, live on-location recordings, and many church/venue sound/AV installations.

Jump Sound became the preferred supplier of Audio Equipment and Services for St Patrick’s Cathedral in 2007, replacing the audio system in readiness for WYD 2008.  Jump Sound has continued to provide the  highest possible level of service to the cathedral and its clients who use this venue.  Also preferred supplier for many other churches and venues throughout Melbourne and outer suburbs. 

Recently having built Jump Sounds new Recording Studio in Hampton park (see Recording Studio for details) with a full building dedicated to this task.  Having a spacious recording room and separate control room, with a chill out room for those get away creative moments.  Please come and visit to check it out… good coffee too !

Jump Sound works closely with many Christian and religious groups who are all about spreading the message.  We hope you can trust us with your project/mission to spread that message, of hope and love for the entire world  !


The Jump Sound Logo

I was out walking, meditating on an appropriate logo for Jump Sound when this symbol came to me.  I had no idea what it meant at the time but have since seen it's significance.  The triangle flame represents the trinity within our lives.  For some that is the Father, Son and Spirit, others this might me Source, Body and Spirit.  Within is the the ring of love, never ending and constant. The Blue Ball represents our most precious jewel, our world of which we are all joined as one.  This ring of love exists within the Trinity while the broken lines are our journey through and into this relationship. The cross was an after thought, but one that bring it all together.  It is on the Cross that our Father/Source shows us the never ending and constant love for all of us.  Our responsibility is to accept that love into our lives and tell others that they too can have this incredible freedom that this moment brings.