Jump Sound has recently replaced the old audio system installed back in the late 80's with the a 64 digital Symnet system.  This new system now gives must more control over every input and with the help of an Aviom network in optical fibre, we can control the system from a number of locations in the nave and trancepts.

Jump Sound now manages all audio requirements for the Cathedral.  Any special function or service, we are there to ensure all goes smoothly.  The Symnet can be modified and changed to meet the many different needs.  The system always defaulting back to its original settings for its normal daily use.  

As part of this install we also installed the infrastructure for the temporary installation of external speaker to cater for crowds that may not get into the main body of the church.

Adrian from Mitz P/L put all the optical infrastructure in place to make this project possible.

For more information on digital audio systems please call Jump Sound.

Jump Sound has done it again two years in a row, getting into the top 5 in a category for the AGMA's.  Last year Cornerstone Music's d but CD "Walking in the Light" was nominated for Best d but CD for 2005.  This year two songs Produced and recorded here at Jump Sound (one, music was composed by Mark Scarfe of Jump Sound) both being nominated for Best Hymn 2006.

A Prayer for Man : Words by Leon de Long and Music by Mark Scarfe was nominated in the Hymn category.

Judges comments : "Awesome production strength and gentility contribute to produce a broad appeal here.  I love it! Congratulations"

A Dreaming Prayer : Music by David Lemewu Words inspired by The Dreaming Prayer Written by Catholic Aboriginal Leaders for Pope John Paul II visit to Australia 1986

Judges comments : "Inspirational message. Big sound and big dreams for all. Very interesting blend of styles of music - great vocals. Congratulations!"

No Media releases at this time.