If you are running a live event, no matter how small, sound quality can make or break its success. 

If you need assistance in planning the audio requirement of your next live event, Jump Sound can help you assess your needs. It’s important that you have the necessary audio power and distribution to allow all audience members to hear clearly throughout the entire venue.

live_flamegp    live_flame12

What do you need to cater for ? Radio Microphones for commentary, solo musicians, small band ensembles, full rock band, orchestra or choirs. Jump Sound has the expertise to give your audience the experience you want them to have. We have access to an array of professional audio equipment that will make your sound amazing.  Running both Analogue and Digital Allan & Heath mixing desks for great sound separation and balance. 

live_setup    live_desk

If you are running your event in a venue that already has an audio system installed, our technicians have the experience to run audio analog or digital systems. If the installed system does not cover your requirement Jump Sound can import the necessary equipment to fulfill your needs.

However should your venue have no audio equipment available, Jump Sound can provides live sound services for audiences up to 1500. We can also arrange most outdoor events (depending on a services available).