What is Music Production?

Music Production is the creation of backing music (e.g. Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano / Strings) to give you a more complete sound.  It is also for the
creation of Jingles and Backing Music for Advertisements, Training Videos etc.

Who needs Music Production?

Are you a musician who likes to work alone but still wants the backing of a big band? 

So often, all it takes to make your composition come alive are a few extra instruments.  Most musicians never get an opportunity to record their songs with backing musicians due to time and money.  Hence they never get a chance to hear the full potential of their song writing abilities.

We can assemble what you require to back your favourite composition, then burn them on CD  for performance or recording. 

What Styles do we cater for ?

Rock, Pop, Blues, Funk, Country, Classical, New Age, Techno, Grunge, House, Ambient, Lounge, Rap  etc...