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We have put together a studio for the Soloist, Duo or small Bands who are looking for a professional job without costing the world.  Our facilities are geared towards those who want a clean professional job.  Whatever sound you are looking for, live, garage or studio finish, we will help you achieve your goal.  Our engineers are fully qualified with production experience.

Relax in our studio while we make your music come alive with the full power of Protools and latest Wave plugins and out board processors.  For a finishing touch to your sound, we can link you up with session musicians to give the right groove and feel.  Jump Sound has recently updated to the Latest in Protools technology.  Now running Version 12 with nearly all v9 Wave Plugins.

As we also provide Music Production services (see Music Production), we can  make soloist  guitar and vocalist songs come alive.   Ask about our sequencing service.

What is Protools ?

Protools is a computer based software (Mac & PC) which is considered the international industry standard. Allowing you to edit track by track, it enables a sound engineer to accurately mix with extraordinary  precision giving a quality finish to the end product.  Within Protools you have many plugin effects allowing a near endless ability to create the sound and groove you require.  Many CD's today are done with this powerful technology, and its available here. Engineers at JUMP are highly trained in the use of Protools.


Christian Recording Services

Are you one of those busy Christian Singer Song writers busting to get His message out to the world?

In the words of U2   "I try to sing this song, I, I try to stand up, but I can't find my feet".

It's not easy to get started when the world is pressing around you with all it's excuses. Let us help you find your feet and make a start.  We may be able to put you in contact with the right people for your career.

Building of the new Jump Sound Studio....